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Friday, July 8, 2011

Announcements July 8, 2011

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TMTA 2011 Convention Highlights & President's Report

TMTA-SA Ensembles

Bluebonnet MTA had eight students perform with ADMTA students in the ensembles at the state convention. These students attending all of the local and state practice sessions in preparation for their performance.  Each student received a $75.00 stipend check for their performance in this event.

Student's of Mary Katherine Bakiris

"Stoptime Rag"
   Ashneen Rahman - 6 years participant               
        Neha Satapathy - 8 years participant                       
    Diksha Verma - 2 years participant

"Coconut Shuffle"
Sloka Chandrasekaran - 2 years participant    
                      Anwesha Ranabijuli - 2 years participant

"Maizy Dotes"   
  Anika Satapathy - 2 years participant           
                 Sourav Dhar - 2 years participant                
          Shivesh Razdan - 1 year participant

TMTA-SA Performance Contest

Bluebonnet MTA had  3  students represented our association in the state semi-finals.

There were 3 students - Jessica Hwang, Wells Leng, and Edward Wang -  sent from Bluebonnet MTA with 2 of them chosen to go on to the final round and one of them receiving a 1st Honorable Mention award.

1) 8th grade Piano Solo:    Edward Wang, an 8th grade student of Dr. Eric Hicks was chosen as one of 10 finalists out of 39 semifinalists.     Edward performed the 1st movement of Bach's Italian Concerto and Brahms Capriccio op. 116 #3.

2) 10th Grade Piano Solo:    Jessica Hwang, a 10 grade student of Ms Irina Chernysheva-Hicks was chosen as one of 10 finalists out of 23 semifinalists.     Jessica performed Scarlatti Sonata L. 449 in b minor and Poem by Arno Babajanian.    Jessica received the 1st Honorable Mention Award in her category (essentially 4th prize). 

TMTA-SA Publication Contest

Bluebonnet MTA had 4 students receive "Outstanding" for their article which was published in the annual Publication Contest winner's magazine. These students were honored at the awards ceremony held on saturday.

Students of MaryKatherine Bakiris

Div. IIA       Kartikeya Kotamraju   "Boldly Baroque: (Characteristics of Baroque Music)"
Div. IIIB      Neil Chaudhury           "Anton Diabelli"              
   Ashneen Rahman         "The Father of the Symphony"
Div. IVB     Varsha Madipadga       "Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky"

President's - Convention Report

The 97th annual T.M.T.A. convention held in Arlington, Texas was a my first convention and was it ever a blast!

It began with the beautiful arrangements of the keyboard orchestra presented by Kilgore College at the first session.

Many student performances were presented by the ensemble groups. Bluebonnet had students participating with Austin DMTA. They were fabulous!

Randall Faber presented several classes, as well as, John and Nancy
 Weems which gave many informative teaching tips.

Workshops were given on theory, 12 steps to successful practice, improvisation, overcoming anxiety of performance, and many others. The convention's guest artist, Tony Caramia, performed many pieces about America.

On Sunday a leadership workshop was led by Sharon Callahan, the TMTA president. She offered ideas for being a positive, supportive, and reliable leader. Other officers gave helpful ideas to other officers. We viewed each other's yearbooks to observe the organization of their associations.

On Sunday there were ceremonies presenting graduating seniors with more than $42,000 in awards.

As the lights were going off and the steering committee was planning the 98th convention, I was looking forward  to participating on the ensemble and theory committee . Until next year, when "T.M.T.A. can play it again!"

Martha Marks, President