News and Announcements of Bluebonnet Music Teachers Association, Williamson County Texas, USA

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The monthly meeting of the Bluebonnet MTA was held at Austin School of Music
North on December 13, 2011.

Present were:
Mary A, Mary L, Sarah, Martha, Lillian, Reavis, Lauren and Kristi, guest.

There was discussion about electronic keyboards versus acoustic pianos.
Lillian mentioned that electronic keyboards do not have surface resistance,
which allows the non-playing fingers to rest lightly on top of the keys, thus
allowing the hand to relax.

Lillian said she will send out motivational ensemble info.

The spring theory test and the dance festival were announced by their
respective chairs.

Graded fall theory tests were passed out.

Sarah said she will send out Christmas cards to local music companies.

Lillian said she would send out blank SA registration form.

Ensembles were explained and discussed, and proposed duets were played by
Martha and Sarah.
Proposed duets are Sailor Son from Duet Favorites level 1 by Bastien
and Ancient Lantern from Treasures for Two (level 2) by Martha Mier.

Attendees enjoyed a nice potluck breakfast.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

November minutes

> Subject: minutes
> For general membership
> The monthly meeting of Bluebonnet MTA was held at Strait Music North on
> November 8, 2011.
> "New Music for the Piano Studio: 20th Century Avant-Garde Piano Literature
> for
> the Intermediate Level Student," was presented by Dr. Sallye Jeffcoat York by
> internet video.
> She said that avant garde music is motivational for students.
> She went over some suggested music. One of them was
> "Lyado is seriously ill" from The Adventures of Ivan by Khachaturian, also in
> Pictures of Childhood.
> Lauren said she will email the powerpoint presentation.
> We will be using the study lounge for office, close to the bookstore.
> Concordia does not want signs taped to walls. Signs may be placed on music
> stands only.
> Mary Adams suggested that teachers bring their own lunch, the idea was
> approved.
> Mary A requested a teacher to bring an extra CD player.
> We will put certificate packets in manila file folders.
> Lillian will bring photocopies of critique sheets to use as program
> worksheet.
> Lillian will draw up a schedule for monitors.
> We will have a potluck breakfast at the December meeting. Teachers are asked
> to bring a friend.
> We will play Christmas music.
> Lauren announced that at the meeting next month she will be offering Clavier
> group subscriptions.
> Lauren announced that she is planning to get a speaker about small business
> at
> the January meeting.
> Sarah offered her whiteboard for powerpoint projection.
> Theory
> January 5 will be the deadline for spring theory registration.
> Mary Lee accepted the job of Spring theory chairman.
> Two weeks are necessary to get theory tests.
> The theory committee will be Mary Lee, Mary Adams and Pat Dolan.
> Ensembles
> The ensemble deadline will be the day of the January meeting.
> Mary A announced that ensembles require a minimum of two teachers
> participating.
> The national convention of MTNA will be in new York and early registration is
> $275.
> Martha announced that James Dick will perform in Georgetown.
> See poster at:
> Sarah announced Revel free concerts in Austin. See:
> Sarah announced that there will be a sing along of Messiah on December 4 at
> St. Matthew Episcopal Church by Chorus Austin. See:

> Lillian Simmons

December Meeting: 1st Annual BluebonnetMTA Holiday Breakfast Potluck

Join us at Austin School of Music North on Tuesday, December 13 at 9:30AM for the 1st Annual BluebonnetMTA Holiday Breakfast Potluck!  Bring a breakfast dish to share and prepare to reflect on our Fall activities, brainstorm for the future, sing your favorite holiday tunes, and more.  If you have a fellow music teacher that may be interested in joining our group, this would be a wonderful chance for them to meet our members.  

Let us know what food or drink items you'll be bringing by using the "Comment" feature below.  Coffee will be provided, as always.  

Happy Holidays from Bluebonnet Music Teachers Association!