News and Announcements of Bluebonnet Music Teachers Association, Williamson County Texas, USA

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

minutes April

The monthly meeting of Bluebonnet MTA was held on April 10 at Austin School of Music North.


Natalie Gibson Grimes gave a presentation through Skype on the Frances Clark

She said students should feel the rhythms before playing the music.

The teacher should provide a model of excellence.

She recommended the book "Questions and Answers" by Frances Clark, and "A
Piano Teacher's Legacy" By Richard Chronister. They are available on line at .

There were technical difficulties and the presentation was cut short. Lauren
said she will forward the powerpoint presentation to the teachers.


The business meeting followed the presentation.

Martha M suggested that we have a sonatina festival next school year. Martha M
proposed that we have an American music festival and a hymn festival next
school year.

Martha M requested help with proofreading the yearbook and incorporating new
items into the yearbook. Please have corrections ready for next meeting.

Mary L said she would like to help with events, but would not like to chair

Lauren proposed that next month we have the monthly meeting at a restaurant so we can have lunch and then follow the lunch with the business meeting at the

Martha M requested that each teacher bring a friend to the next meeting.

Theory medals were passed out.

Music Sale: Bring music you would like to donate or exchange for other pieces.


Martha M announced that Steinway Piano Gallery will have a workshop on piano improvisation.

Martha M reported that Steinway Piano Gallery requested that teachers hold
their recitals there.

Lillian Simmons
Bluebonnet MTA

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Steinway pianos

Dear Mrs. Simmons

As the first quarter of the year is coming to its end, I would like to share with you once again our commitment and support to the performing arts in our community.

As you might know, the Steinway signature not only evokes the image of one of the finest musical instruments, but also a sign of excellence. 

In order to keep this musical tradition, we understand the great importance of music education and the irreplaceable roll of you as a music teacher; therefore, we continue encouraging the piano teacher community to consider our facilities as their recital place of choice. Our Recital Room not only embraces a very professional atmosphere, but also facilitates a Brand New Steinway & Sons model B (7") in order to make the student's music performance a memorable and positive experience. 

In our intention to enhance this foregoing tradition, we like to provide the best pianos to you and your students in order to fulfill the musical necessities that you might encounter in this process. May our services and facility be helpful to your musical endeavors, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Esteban Alvarez, M.M.
Artist Performance
Steinway Piano Gallery
Austin, TX