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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Minutes of meeting January 2014


For members

Our general meeting was held Tuesday January 14 at 8:30 am at Velocity
Music Academy in Cedar Park. Present were Mary A, Lillian, Dianne, Martha V,
and Al.

It was resolved that:

Q - Theory nonmember charges for next school year?
A - Only Bluebonnet MTA members can sign up students for theory test.

Q - SA late charges for next school year?
A - Late SA registration will start October 1, and will be $17 per student.
There will be no $5 per teacher late charge.

Q - Composition chairman?
A - A minimum of two teachers participating is necessary. There will be no
composition contest this year.

Q - Target spring festival date for next school year?
A - We will try for first week in April.

Q - Substitute monitor. Are advanced students allowed to monitor? Or parents?
A - Only Bluebonnet members may substitute.

Q - SA deadlines?
A - Next school year, deadlines for SA registration for students who take
theory test are October 1 for fall theory, and January 1 for spring theory.

Other Items

The ensemble flyer from the Ensemble Chairman was passed out.

It was agreed that students must stay in the theory test room at least 45


Mary A said she will email a list of original pieces of great composers at
primer level.

Mary A reported that 80 students are registered for spring theory test.

The March meeting will be Tuesday March 4.


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Yes Keith Snell primer. Mary

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Do you know of any great composer books for primer level?

Lillian Simmons, Piano Teacher

Lillian Simmons
Bluebonnet MTA

Friday, February 14, 2014

Meeting announcement February

The next meeting will be on Tuesday February 18 at Velocity Music Academy in
Cedar park at 8:30 am.

We will have an Ensembles presentation by Chairman Martha Marks. Registration
deadline is Tuesday February 25.
The Ensembles of the Bluebonnet affiliate of the Texas Music Teachers
Association will perform at the 2014 State Convention in Houston in midJune .
Students who have passed their theory tests may participate.
Ensemble Chair: Martha Marks
Students are required to attend mandatory local rehearsals in May,
perform with the group in a local recital,
perform with the group at the state convention. It is awesome to see these
groups performing on eight grand pianos. This would make a nice family
vacation. Rehearsals are Sundays in Cedar Park in May.
Here are videos of ensemble performances at the convention:
This video shows a view of the audience

Publicizing the Honors Recital
Theory test irregularities
Theory test for adults


Sewanee Summer Music Festival: