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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

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Dear Teachers:


The May meeting was held at Panera Bread on May 14 2019.  Present were Dianne, Lillian and Angela.

Honors Recital
Dianne will prepare the schedule of the Honors Recital.
Martha M will print the programs of the Honors Recital and prepare the certificates..
The Honors Recital will start at 4:15 pm. The doors will open at 4:00 pm.
Duets will be allowed.
Send students' names, titles of pieces and composers to Dianne and Martha M.
E+ students will be allowed to play. Thank you to Dianne for the suggestion!
From Dianne:
Students Eligible for the Honors Recital
including  S / S-  / AND  E +
Ladies - please let me know by this Friday, May 18
and I will begin to put the program together.
YES, you can respond on email and I will copy and paste INFO
name of song
name of composer
early/middle/near end  (this helps indicate if they get nervous / can handle anywhere in the program
let me know ASAP
I am working with my students confirming those who can participate
thank you

Next Meeting
There will be no meeting in August.
The September meeting will be held at  Panera Bread in Cedar Park on Tuesday September 10  at 10:30 am at Panera Bread in Cedar Park.
Panera Bread, 10900 Lakeline Mall Drive, Cedar Park 78717. 996-8300. Turn
from 183 onto Lakeline Mall Drive by Strait Music. This is one half block
east of 183. Turn left into the shopping center.  Turn left at Target.

Last Meeting
If you missed the last meeting, we missed you. Check our newsletters at so you know what we discussed. We had a great meeting.


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