News and Announcements of Bluebonnet Music Teachers Association, Williamson County Texas, USA

Sunday, August 12, 2012


As an MTNA leader, we need your help with the 2012–2013 Membership Campaign “INVOLVE, INFORM, IN SPIRE.” The goal of this campaign is to strengthen MTNA’s membership in the coming year; the most successful states will be recognized at the 2013 conference in Anaheim, California.

Fall is a great time for recruiting. Events such as state conferences and fall local association meetings provide the perfect opportunities to introduce MTNA to new members. Research studies show that a majority of people join associations because a colleague invited them. MTNA encourages you to think of at least one person you know who would benefit from MTNA membership and reach out to that person. Then, spread the word about the campaign in your local and state associations so each one in our membership will reach one prospective member.
Looking for tips to help with membership recruitment and retention in your local or state association. Click here to view the online membership handbook for ideas of things you can do to grow membership.
Membership brochures to support your recruitment and retention activities are available from the national office, by e-mailing Melissa Curtice, member development associate, at
In addition PDF applications are available online. Click here to download.
Your efforts to reach out to your colleagues who are not a part of MTNA will help strengthen the music teaching profession and further the mission of MTNA.