News and Announcements of Bluebonnet Music Teachers Association, Williamson County Texas, USA

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

September meeting

The general membership meeting for September 2012 will be held at Velocity Music Academy in Cedar Park from 8:30 to 10:30 am on Tuesday, September 11, 2012. Velocity Music Academy, 2301 S. Lakeline Blvd., Cedar Park, Texas. Visitors are welcome.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Minutes of meeting

Minutes of meeting of Executive Board of Bluebonnet Music Teachers Association
held at International Studio of Music in Round Rock on July 7, 2012.

It was decided we will continue to meet on the second Tuesday of each month. It was decided we want to continue to meet at Austin School of Music North
because the location is most convenient.

Lillian will be the SA chair for school year 2012-2013.
We have enough funds to do events at Concordia and TSU.
The fall theory test will be held at Concordia U.
The Spring theory will be held at TSU. Lillian will make arrangements.
November 10 or 3 are best dates for theory. November 17 is too close to
The spring theory test should be Saturday February 9. at 9:00. We will need
three rooms.
Concordia events have to be on Sundays
The fee for the theory test will remain the same.
The fee for Student Affiliate will remain the same.


We can combine Master Composers and Hymn festival in the fall. The chairman will be
Lillian. Students must play a piece by a Master Composer or an American composer
or a hymn.
The spring festival co-chairman will be Sarah.
Mary A likes last year's lady judge. Ask Lauren. She was probably from Waco.
Martha M said we only need one judge.
The spring festival will be a sonatina festival. We will require one sonatina
and one piece of student's choice.
We need a voice judge. It will be held at Steinway, and it will be an open
It will be held two weeks after spring break or first Saturday in April.

Ensembles may practice at Steinway, or maybe at Strait, or at Lillian's.
No minimum number of students are required for ensemble participation.
Lillian said that second level gets the most registrations.
Martha M loves Texas composers.
Martha M and Mary A will choose piece.
Rehearsals will be held in May
The convention is in Houston.
Two teachers are required for ensemble. This is our local rule.

Recitals are a good PR. They should be held on a Saturday night.
Martha M said a recital is a good way to end a school year.
There will be no charge for the recital. Martha M will be the chairman.

There will be an Alfred piano workshop at Strait Music South on Friday August 17
from 9:00 to 12:30.
We will try to organize a carpool. Make reservations for the workshop at