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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Quick Meeting Recap

Hi Ladies,
Just a quick over view for those that we missed today...

1. We had questions on the dates for Ensemble, so here they are:
     -Ensemble registration due March 1
     -Teacher Jury (to check for performance readiness) April 7 and 8
     -Rehearsals will be April 22,29  May 6,20,27 June 10

2.  From now on we will have the critique sheet on a separate sheet of paper, not on  the back of the certificates.  Teachers are responsible for printing, filling out, and bringing their own critique sheets to each festival.  We are hoping Martha will still be willing to print certificates that include a place for the teacher to sign, and a line stating the judges name.

3.  Proposed date for Fall festival November 17th 2018 (Classical/Contemporary)
     Proposed date for Fall Honors December 1st or December 8th 2018
     Proposed date for Spring Festival April 13th 2019  (Romantic/Baroque)

4.  We are not moving forward with a Hymn Festival for 2019

5.  Attached are flyers and information regarding our community outreach             performance on March 17th.  Please limit your students' performance time to 15 minutes total as we are limited on time at this venue.

Thanks ladies, hopefully you all received my separate email about our dire need for theory test volunteers...if you know of anyone that i missed in my email, let me know.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Minutes of Meeting

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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